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Here Comes The Sun - Art project focused on Hope

Here comes the sun ,,,

The words from this well - known song by the Beatles, along with the fact that Spring is just around the corner have inspired us to set up our next whole school “Lockdown” art project at Brightwalton Primary School. The theme for the project is “hope” which is also our value of the month for February. Please read the letter that you have been sent or find it here at the bottom of this page. It contains all the details of our project.


How can the children get involved?

  • Take a piece of A4 paper, landscape layout.
  • If you would like to, listen to the song “Here comes the sun” by the Beatles for inspiration.
  • Talk about how the song makes your child feel.
  • Please help your child to come up with a piece of art linked with “hope”. Younger children might need this simplified as a “happy feeling” or “hoping / looking forward to something happening”. Maybe they have seen something that has made them feel happy if you have been out for a walk. Is there something that they are looking forward to?
  • For the older children, they might want to explore the feeling further, with hopes for the future once we are out of “Lockdown”.
  • Your child could paint, do a collage, use pastels, experiment with photography! Whatever your child would like to do, we would love to see their creations in school!
  • For details of how to send the completed pieces of art into school, please read the original letter about this project that was sent out. A copy can be found at the bottom of this page.

A few examples….

1. A Spring collage …             




2. A picture of people you are looking forward to seeing again or activities that you are looking forward to …


3. A photograph collage giving a sense of hope. You could take some photographs of signs of Spring...





4. Use half a photograph and complete the photograph by drawing the other half ….


We’re sure your children will have plenty of ideas. Most importantly, we want the children to have fun!