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Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class!


Maple Class are our Year 3 and 4 children and, as we move into Key Stage 2 we build on the skills acquired in Key Stage 1, learning to apply these across an increasingly sophisticated and varied curriculum.

Remote Learning from 18.1.2021.


Fantastic work everyone. We love anglerfish!

Seriously, keep going as although I am missing you all SO much I am also incredibly proud of you.    This week we will finsh the work on anglerfish. Some of you might want to collect all the work on it and make a little booklet.    I think I've managed to catch up with everyone on Zoom which has been so lovely.    Notice that in Monday's download section I have uploaded French which you can do instead of humanities this week. 

The timetable above shows the times of our Zoom meetings. Note that there is a ‘check in group’ session in the afternoon.   This is so we can have a more relaxed chat about how you are, how you’re finding things and to discuss the work you have done and give any feedback.   I have split you all up into small groups so you don’t need to mute yourself all the time.   Please check your Purple Mash emails so you know which group you are in.

You will notice from the timetable that I have put some additional subjects for the afternoon.   These will not be Zoom sessions but I will post activities for you to do so keep an eye out for them. For these activities, you do not need to stick to the timetable.  Just fit them in whenever you like!   The timetable is a guide.

I will send your spelling group work in an email via Purple Mash.   Attack will also get their homework spellings too!

I will upload answers for the Maths at least every Friday so you can mark your own work but from now on I would like you to send a picture or scan of your Maths and English work via Purple Mash email on the following days:


For all Maths and English completed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday please email to Mr. Helsby on Wednesday.

For all Maths and English completed on Thursday please email to Mrs. Clarke on Thursday.

For all Maths and English complete on Friday please email Mr. Helsby on Friday.


Also keep all other work together in a folder to bring back to school after lockdown.

You can find previous week's work in the archive section below.


Maths and English video links for this week:





No link today.







No back up video today. See downloads below.





'Lean of Me' step 1.






No back up videos today as I have made my own worksheets for today so see the downloads below.








No back up videos today but as an extra you could try the task I have added to ActiveLearn but this is for year 4 only.





See if you can have a go at one of the Fitness Frenzy challenges.   Start with Mountain Climbers and email your score to Mrs. Clarke via Purple Mash.   The children at school will be doing this today and I might even try myself! I have reposted the challenges in the downloads section below.





Year 3

Year 4



Remote learning from 6.1.2021 - 8.1.2021.


One more day before the weekend!   For Friday, please make sure you have paper, a pencil and a ruler if you have one. I might ask you to hold up some of your work if you are willing.  

When you use Zoom, I will probably put the mute button on so that you can't talk across each other but make sure that you can hear me!   

Please use the Zoom invite emailed to you at the following times:


Maths introduction for year 3  only 9.30 - 9.45 am
Maths introduction for year 4 only 9.45 - 10.00 am
English for all of Maple Class 11.30 - 11.55 am



Please don't start any of this work until you have seen the Zoom.



Look at the downloads section below to find the worksheets. Year 3 is called 'Related Calculations' and year 4 'Factor Pairs'.   Wait for the Zoom lesson to finish before completing them.   You only need to do what you can. Remember, they get more difficult the more questions you do.

Look at the downloads


Year 3 Support Video.

Year 4 Support Video.



We continue looking at non-chronological reports with a focus on 'subject specific vocabulary'.  

The link to the back up video is below but please wait for the Zoom lesson so you are clear of what to do.

Also, I have posted all my lesson notes and the activity in the downloads section below.



Well done everybody for Zooming yesterday. You are all wonderful superstars!

Please don't start any of this work until you have seen the Zoom. Mrs. Clarke will see you today.



Look at the downloads section below to find the worksheets. Year 3 is called 'Comparing Statements' and year 4 'Multiplying by 3'   Wait for the Zoom lesson to finish before completing them.   You only need to do what you can. Remember, they get more difficult the more questions you do.


Year 3 Support video.

Spr3.1.2 - Comparing statements on Vimeo


Year 4 Support video.

Spr4.1.2 - Multiply 3 numbers on Vimeo




To explore simple and compound sentences (




The first Zoom will be to see if we can all get online and to do a very brief introduction to the Maths work.   After this, please go and try the Maths questions set for you.

At 11.30 am all of Maple should meet via zoom for our English lesson.



You will find that I have uploaded some worksheets for you to try this week.   There are separate ones for year 3 and year 4 and you DO NOT need to print them if you don't have a printer.   Just use some paper for your work and copy from the screen.   I have also uploaded the 11 and 12 x tables for the year 4 Maths work.   You can have a look at them before the lesson if you want but please don't do the work until after our Zoom.   The website links below are for help videos to back up my introduction but again, don't watch them until afterwards.


Year 3 Support video

Spr3.1.1 - Consolidate 2 4 and 8 times-tables on Vimeo


Year 4 Support video



We will be looking at non-fiction, non-chronological reports.   We will be following Oak Learning Resources for this. Again, a link below takes you to the material I intend to use but no need to look until after the lesson tomorrow.




Our teacher is Mr Helsby.


Some of the other adults who work in our class are

Mrs Clarke and Mrs Banks.


We are trying to minimise the amount of paperwork that goes home. However, we are sending Mental Maths books home on Thursday which should be returned completed by the following Monday.  Try to complete one page per week. Feel free to help your child with any questions they find difficult but it's useful for note which ones you have helped with in the book.

There are several different spelling groups in the class and your child with either have Attack or a spelling list in a green spelling book to learn throughout the week.   Instructions are included in the green book about how to learn them and a note is sent out with Attack spellings at the beginning of the year. 

All children will have a reading book to keep at school but at the moment we're not sending these home.   However, children are able to take home library books as we have a system for quarantine.

Your child should log on to TT Rockstars at least once a week.   I have set targeted times tables in your child's profile.


Homework Set and completion day
Spellings Set Tuesday, return days depend on group - Attack by following session (Mondays and Thursdays, other groups return following Tuesday.
Mental Maths Set Thursday, return following Monday.
TT Rockstars At least once a week.


Yellow Submarine

You must listen to this. This is Maple Class singing Yellow Submarine.. The two year groups have been joined together with the power of technology. I've left in the 'studio chatter' because it's so lovely to hear. Thanks to Joey for the 'walkie talkie' chatter and Luke for his captain instructions at the end!