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At Brightwalton School we want all children to develop a respect for other cultures and have an enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning another language.  At our school, the shared learning process is all about having a go at communicating in another language, whilst understanding that it is perfectly acceptable to make mistakes.

We encourage all children to feel confident in their own capabilities whilst learning French. To cater for all types of learners, French is taught in a variety of ways including singing, games and listening to stories in French. The children are continually revisiting vocabulary that they have come across, thus enabling them to gain confidence in using the French language themselves.

There is a strong focus on developing the children’s speaking and listening skills, moving on to them being able to read and write in the French language as well. Basic grammar is introduced right from the start of the children’s language learning in Year 3 so that, at the end of Key Stage 2, they are able to have a go at writing their own version of a familiar story. By the time that the children leave Brightwalton School, we hope that they will move to their secondary schools with a keen interest in studying other languages that are available to them and understanding what a valuable skill it is to be able to communicate with others in another language.