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Brightwalton’s  Sports Ambassadors 


Hi there, my name is Georgia and I am a sports ambassador along with Joe. We are the sport representatives for our school. If there has been a school tournament, we will write a report about it and let you know what went on. I am very passionate about sports and push myself to the limit to do my best in everything that I try. I encourage all of the children who are trying a new sport especially the younger ones and make sure that they are having lots of fun! At school, I really enjoy every P.E. lesson that we have and try and get the most out of it. Outside school, I do lots of active things such as cricket every Friday and Sunday and also a lot of running and exercising.  As a sporty person, I would describe myself as a happy, friendly, passionate, committed girl.    



Brightwalton’s  Sports Ambassadors

Hi there my name is Joe and I am a sports ambassador along with Georgia. We are the sport representatives for our school and we have been chosen to be a sports ambassador because of how passionate we are about sports. At our school we have a great pathway of sports and we have clubs every night, which you don’t even have to pay to do, thanks to our very passionate teacher Mrs Clark. Every year, I sign up for all of the physical clubs. My favourite hobby is sailing and 9 out of 10 weekends, I will be sailing. I am on the British Youth Sailing Team, where I am two leagues below the top, although I am not in a squad at the moment because the selection trials are still going on. I am aiming for Boy Squad in the next league up – just one below the top. Wish me luck! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day. Joe