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Ash Class

Welcome to Ash Class!


Ash Class is our Reception class and we are following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) reforms early adopter scheme for the academic year 2020/21. Play is central to our learning. It allows us to develop new knowledge, understanding and skills, whilst providing rich opportunities to consolidate and practise what we know and can do.



Our teachers are Mrs Stuart (Mon-Thurs am) and Mrs Patterson (Thurs pm -Fri).


Another adult who works in our class is Mrs Goatley.


Please bring a waterproof coat to school every day.  Much of our time is spent moving between the classroom and outdoor areas so it is helpful to think about the weather forecast for the day to ensure that your child is warm enough on cold days.


School library books can be changed on a Monday.


PE lessons currently take place on a Tuesday.

Ash Class Weekly Newsletter 18/10/20


This Week

We have continued to learn to understand others through the story of a little giraffe who was "Too Shy to Show and Tell" at school.  We discussed that some things we are asked to do can be worrying or scary, like speaking in front of the whole class, but if we have a go it usually isn't that bad after all.  We also played a lovely game to demonstrate out imaginative skills where each child in turn played a part in a freeze frame story e.g. one child was a tree, another was a dog, the next was the person walking the dog and someone else was a log nearby.  The children really enjoyed coming up with new things to add to the "picture".


In Phonics we have been using our phonic skills to blend the sounds in words.  By listening to the spoken sounds, the children were able to join them together into a word e.g. h-a-t for hat and b-o-x for box.  Instead of asking your child to go and get their coat, try segmenting the sounds instead, c-oa-t, and encourage your child to blend them.  When continuing a repeating pattern in Maths, the children have been learning to choose the correct colour or object continue a repeating pattern as well as creating patterns of their own.


During our PE session we became pirates to practise the skill of balancing on one leg while being loaded up with booty from our last voyage!  The children had lots of fun and worked well in small groups to support each other.  What a busy week!


Next Week

The children are very interested in what happens to the animals as they prepare for winter.  We will be looking at the story of Bear's Winter House and also sharing some information about hibernation.


Please also note the new arrangements previously sent out via e-mail for dropping off and picking up your child starting on Monday 19th October.

Mrs Stuart

Learning Links

Click on the pictures to go to the linked page.  Please note that some of the links are Youtube sites so please supervise your child when using the internet at home.